An Idea is Born

Roanoke VA

When the idea for an environmental nonprofit to battle our nations litter problem came up, we began researching. In that time we found several research projects. The first was located in Roanoke, Virginia. The trash pile we discovered had been used as a dump by the previous owner.

The first thing we discovered was how easily trash is hidden by plants, leaves, and other forest debris. Shovels, rakes, ropes, cutters and more where used to try and uncover or get at some of the items we found. The point is that sometimes there is trash all around us and we don’t even notice. As we began cleaning, more and more mess would surface. Items were sorted into piles of compost, plastic, glass, tires, trash, metal, and things that could be repurposed or given to re-stores.

Vilas, NC

The second project was in Boone, North Carolina. Imagine driving into a beautiful grassy field and seeing an abandoned washing machine and stove at the edge. Walk over and look down the steep bank into the creek below. Beautiful right? All accept the piles of trash littering the bank for a hundred feet. What we discovered is that the beginning of this mess of cans, bottles, water heater, gutters, and trash was spread out from the beginning of where the spring comes out of the mountain, evolves into a creek, and flows into a river. What does this mean? You got it! This channel of water that begins in Watauga County and runs all the way to the Atlantic begins in trash.



What made this project interesting was the steepness of the bank, and the wildlife we found swimming in the trash. We used ropes and pulleys to drag the trash up the bank, careful to use the same place to reduce the amount of disturbance to the area. Hopefully in the future we will have access to better equipment to make the job a lot easier!

So here we are! We’ve done the research, and put a lot of effort into getting Environmental Scavengers up and running. With our board of directors and a very dedicated Executive Director, (Trash Collector, Office Manager, Fund Raiser Etc.) we are ready to work for the environment, and you! So if you have ever been saddened by the amount of trash pollution all around us, please donate to organization so we can stay busy cleaning it up. We want to spend less time raising money and more time being productive! And the less time we spend begging for funds, the more time we’ll have to use our environmental expertise to save the world, or at the very least clean up after ourselves!