Environmental Scavengers is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. We aspire to take care of the environment by cleaning up trash, applying our knowledge of issues facing the environment, educating citizens on environmental issues, and creating programs for environmental sustainability.


Environmental Scavengers is committed to cleaning and protecting the natural environment for the preservation of biodiversity and health of future generations, and to educating and consulting with citizens on environmental issues.


Imagine a nonprofit created to do the simplest of things to help the earth. We aren’t working on a state or federal level; we’re working from the bottom up. The very first goal of Environmental Scavengers is as simple as they come: We want to clean up trash! How many times have you driven or walked by trash that just sickens you? Since researching the idea of Environmental Scavengers, we have found trash dumped in the most pristine areas of the Blue Ridge Mountains where water tributaries are just beginning. Crawdads resting on Styrofoam egg cartons, snakes under piles of trash, trees growing through tires, water heaters rusting apart in springs, bags of trash untouched – cans, bottles, gutters, all were found on an Earth Day in a spring that is literally the beginning of the eastern watershed. We want to clean up as much trash as we can; we envision both community group cleanups and our people out there during the week increasing our scavenger collection bag by bag.

Trash isn’t the only problem. You know the drill: reduce, reuse and recycle. We have in the works programs that increase recycling and reduce waste, and programs that promote the best use of natural resources. We recognize there are issues with consumption and we want to do everything we can to help people become more sustainable through our actions, support, and spreading information.